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I can’t believe how fast time flies. Didn’t we just unpack our Christmas presents a few days ago and stuffed our bellies with Christmas goodies until we were barely able to roll to the sofa, which seemed miles away? Wasn’t it just yesterday that we slept in on January 1st, because we stayed up all night to welcome 2014? Oh… no.. is this really almost a year ago? Does that mean I have to storm the stores and look for gifts again? Does that mean, that the cities will be full of stressed people, fighting for the last Disney stuffed toy on the shelf? Well.. that also means that the city will be full of people enjoying their evening at the Christmasmarkets, with a hot wine and (drunken 😉 ) friends. It will be filled with calming Chrismas songs, romantic lights and the smell of cinnamon, cookies and sweet wine. There are always two sides, right? I’m taking side number two please.

The winter itself just showed for a couple of days only. I took my winter jacket out in the middle of last week and was glad that the cold winter wind did not find its way through my five layers of clothing. I enjoyed my bike rides anyway. The fresh winter air fills the lungs more than in any other time and when the sun visits for a couple of minutes, it is heavenly. When I woke up yesterday and my room was filled with sunlight I thought for a brief moment that I missed winter and spring and it’s summer. Not that I would mind.. usually the fall and winter months are very dark here and very depressing. “Seize the day” I thought, jumped up and went for a run. Pants, Shirt, second Shirt, Jacket, warm socks, shoes… gloves? I will be fine. Hat? no… I will be fine. Let’s go. After five steps.. stop.. what is going on really? Why is it so warm? I did miss something didn’t I? A look at my phone.. nope.. we are still in November. Ok, well.. good.. probably a last wonderful day as a present. Jacket off and back on track 🙂 I can’t keep up with this year’s November, really. It is soooo unusual. Seems like it is simply toooooo nice. Either there is something mean waiting for us in the last week…. oooooor… November is in love and just nice 🙂 Whatever the reason: Thank you November for less rain, warm temperatures and a little sunshine.

In case december is not as nice as november was and we all have to stay at home, because our feet would freeze to the ground outside and our eye lids would freeze shut when we blink, we sure need something to do. Let’s just assume you decide to bake a cake for the advent sunday and decorate it nicely. If you don’t like working with fondant or gumpaste or don’t like the taste, the alternative might be modeling chocolate. Now, why I am saying it is good for those long winter evenings is because, although it is made very easily and fast, it tooks forever to get it kneaded when you actually want to work with it. The recipe itself is very easy and you will be done with it in a couple of minutes. Once you let it sit for a while and start to work kneading, you will realize that this is the tricky part. Anyhow.. let’s just start:

Modeling chocolate


200 g chocolate (white or dark)

75 g syrup for white chocolate or 100 g syrup for dark chocolate

1.chop the chocolate and fill it into a freezer bag. Squeeze out the air and close the bag tightly.

2. pour hot water from the tab (approx. 40°C) into a pan and put the bag into the water. Knead the chocolate from time to time.

3. once the chocolate is completely melted, take the bag out and open it.

4. pour the syrup into the chocolate (if you want another color, this is the time to add the color)

5. close the bag and knead the syrup with the chocolate until blended. You will realize that it gets a little harder.

6. when the chocolate mix doesn’t stick to the bag anymore, flatten the chocolate inside the bag

7. let it rest in the fridge for a couple of ours or over night. The chocolate gets hard again.

8. when you want to use the chocolate, take it out from the fridge and break off small pieces. The chocolate gets soft when you knead the small pieces for a while. This requires some time and patience. When it gets too oily and starts to melt, put it back into the fridge for a few minutes.

I think it is a great alternative for chocolate lovers or those who just don’t like gumpaste. I have never seen everybody eating the decoration of my cakes, but with this recipe, half of the decoration was gone after the guests left 😉

It sure requires some time and patience with the kneading, but it is worth it. If you want an instruction with pictures, please click on the link shared above. The girl from this blog explained it so well with great pictures 🙂 I used the chocolate to make roses for my mom’s birthday and also for the decoration for my last cake – little flowers. I used fondant cutters to make those.

I hope you will have a great holiday time and wish you all a very, very friendly end of november 😉

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