puddingtown effects


Mother’s Day is coming up and what else could I think of as a gift if not a cake?? I know.. boooring.. (there will be an oil painting, too.. not only the cake 😛 ) I am just looking for an occasion to try a new recipe and the one I found a couple of days ago (on my favorite website Dr. Oetker 😉 ) kind of fits the occasion.. well.. you have to wait for that one though, ’cause it will be done on sunday. Anyway, when thinking about my mom and cakes there is one word that comes to my mind: pudding filling. Why? Because she seems to love it (will she be disappointed when there is no pudding filling on sunday???). Whenever I screw up a filling and stand in front of my cupboards, murmuring “what am I gonna do? what am I gonna do??” my mom’s voice sounds in my ears “puuuuuddiiiiiiiing”. Whenever I think about a cake and ask myself out loud, what sort of filling I could make, my mom jumps out of a corner, yelling: “Pudding filling!!”. Whenever there is a leftover of a sponge cake or pound cake and I leave it for my mom to refrigerate and use it when guests arrive unexpectedly, she says with a smile: “Sure, I can use this as the bottom for a pudding cream filled cake” 🙂 *sigh* “Yes, you can”. I am not quite sure why she got to love this so much.. either because she really likes the taste or because it is easy to make and the ingredients are usually somewhere in the kitchen.. either way, she never gets to the point I reach so often, realizing that I don’t know what filling to make. Lucky her! Yes, I could adopt this fascination for pudding cream fillings, but somehow I lack the enthusiasm for it. I don’t know why 😦
However, I don’t abandon it entirely from my baking, as it does provide some easy and light options for a good filling. While my mom is using the pudding just as it is, I like to have some variety and a flavor that is not too much pudding like. The pudding should act as a binder more than being the filling itself. A year ago I found a recipe for a really good butter cream with pudding and I used it a couple of times already with very good feedback. Although it is a butter cream, it is not too heavy (due to the pudding) and does not taste like pudding (due to the butter and other ingredients). For me just right. The last time I used this filling was for my niece’s birthday (the cake itself was the chocolate cake I posted a few months ago here) and I promised to post the recipe for this one, so here it is:

Chocolate Butter Pudding Cream:
(Torten-Hits und feine Kuchen Nr.13)

1 package chocolate pudding
75g sugar
400ml milk
100g dark chocolate
250g butter

1. take a few teaspoons of milk and set it aside
2. boil remaining milk
3. add sugar and pudding powder to the milk set aside
4. when milk is boiled add the sugar-pudding mix to it and boil again, while whisking
5. let cool
6. beat the butter approx. 8 min until light and fluffy
7. melt the chocolate
8. add the pudding to the butter, a teaspoon at a time
9. add the melted chocolate
10. mix well

It is easy, isn’t it? And really delicious, too.
An alternative to chocolate could be vanilla or white chocolate. Just replace the chocolate pudding with vanilla/cream pudding and add some vanilla extract/white chocolate. The magazine also provides an option with nougat. Instead of the chocolate pudding they used vanilla and added 50g melted nougat instead of the chocolate. I tried it last year.. very yummy!!
You see, there are endless variations to this recipe and that is the reason I like it so much. An easy all-round recipe 🙂

Btw. talking about Dr. Oetker and pudding.. I mentioned once that I grew up in the neighboring town of where Dr.Oetker is located. The town of Dr.Oetker (Bielefeld) is called “Puddingtown” by some people, due to its most famous resident, the father of German pudding . Living there for 25 years might have affected my mom’s taste a little.. who knows? And if anybody is interested in fashion.. there is a small and very cute label called Puddingtown (http://puddingtown.com/).. worth to have a look 🙂