franz rolls? where?


All of you probably know that feeling when you see something and you realize.. oooohh I want that!! And it doesn’t leave you until you get it!
I have these feelings often with recipes.. I want to try something that I saw in a magazine, online, or on another blog. It keeps following me everywhere. I go grocery shopping, it’s there. I go to visit my friends.. it’s there. I go to the gym.. oh, hello idea. You are here as well?
In my last post I told you about my visits in the south of Germany and how I made cookies for my family. On my last evening I was sitting on the couch and flipping through a magazine. I am interested in a lot of sections in magazines, depending on what magazine it is.. Often it is the small part with the recipes that is drawing most of my attention. In the mentioned magazine I found a recipe for something like cinnamon rolls and I realized: oh.. I think I am craving cinnamon rolls! I wanted to make them right away, but it was pretty late and yeast needs some time, so I put it aside.
The cinnamon rolls in my head kept me company for quite a while then. Finally, I had a good excuse to try them. I met with a couple of friends for a poker night and I knew that they wanted to cook something for dinner. Dessert would not hurt, right?

Here is the recipe:

500 g flour
1 package (7 g) yeast,
50 g + 75 g sugar
200 ml + 1 Tbs milk
1 egg  + 1 egg yolk
5 Tbs oil
1/2-1 tsp cinnamon
100 g soft butter
powdered sugar

1. for the dough mix the flour, yeast, 50g sugar and some salt in a bowl
2. heat 200 ml milk and add it to the flour mix
3. add one egg and the oil and mix it with a dough hook until smooth. Leave the dough in a warm place for about 30-40 minutes to rise. It should be doubled in size.  
4. for the filling, mix 75g sugar and cinnamon in a small bowl.
5. knead the dough and divide it in two. Roll one half into a 34cmx34cm square.
6. spread half of the butter onto the dough square and sprinkle it with half the sugar-cinnamon mixture
7. roll it up
8. cut it into trapeze shaped pieces, with a big side of approx. 4cm and a small side of approx.1 1/2cm
9. with the trapeze standing on the bigger side, squeeze the small side with a round spoon down
10. let rise for another 15 minutes
11. in the meantime, prepare the other half of the dough the same way
12. mix an egg yolk and milk and apply to the rolls
13. bake for 20-25 minutes and let cool
14. use powedered sugar at last

I know the part with the squeezing down of the rolls seems confusing. Go to the website and look at the pictures if you like. It is pretty easy to understand. Or do any other kind of shapes.. leave them in rolls 🙂

Btw. I learned that these “squeezed-down” cinnamon rolls are called “Franzbrötchen” in Hamburg. When asked whether I made Franzbrötchen my answer was a very convinced “NO! I made cinnamon rolls”. An amused look from everybody else in the room told me that it is the same. Ok, I moved from midwestern Germany to Hannover and didn’t go any further north, except for visits.. I don’t know what their names for all the different pastry is.. but I am learning every day. I am not Franz, but I wish you Bon Appetit all the same 🙂