Olaf’s summer


I have a couple of summer recipes in line, waiting to be shared with you and really don’t know which one to start with. Summer is almost over and I am already missing the smell of fresh berries and my satisfied stomach, full of vitamins and fresh berries. Strawberries, gooseberries, raspberries, blackberries.. all waiting to hop into my mouth. Let’s face it.. this summer was AMAZING! We have been spoiled and I demand… I DEMAND!!!! another summer like this next year. And the year after.. and after. And I won’t accept any other summer until the end of my life. I mean, if summer wants to be summer and be called summer, there are certain terms: Rain is fine.. but if possible only at night. It is necessary for nature. Our flowers and fruits need it and honestly, I love rain at night. It is very soothing. Some chilly days below 30°C are also fine. Some clouds are fine.. but let’s not overdo it. Last but not least, if summer wants to be called summer, the sun has to be present, let’s say, 90% of the days 😉 Maybe more, if that is manageable 🙂 Yes, yes.. I am living in a dream world. So what? This year got veeeery close to it.

Ok.. so here is my dilemma I am having with this post. Like I said, I have some recipes and pictures waiting. I could show you another recipe with strawberries, one with strawberries and nectarines, another with raspberries and also one with gooseberries. All of them really quick and easy to make and all of them worth sharing. Summer recipes you could easily use with other fruits. However, since I started talking about summer and how much I love it, I think that today I will show you a cake made for my sister. I am reminded of that cake, because the theme I chose for this cake was the movie “Frozen” and its most adorable character “Olaf”. A couple of posts ago, I mentioned how I watched this movie on my way to the US and enjoyed it so much, that I watched this movie four to five times already. I could watch it again 🙂 Have you ever watched it? Do you know Olaf?? For those of you who don’t know what I am talking about (which I can’t really imagine, since Olaf and the Frozen characters are everywhere these days), Olaf is one of the main characters. A snowman who is built by the Ice princess, with a very naive and heartwarming character and positive attitude. When one of the other characters mentions summer, Olaf starts daydreaming about swimming in the sea, tanning, flowers, and sun. He LOOOOOVES summer.. I could tell you the rest, but that would just spoil the real feeling of his summer-excitement. Just watch it, if you haven’t yet 🙂

So, yes.. my sister is not a small kid and yes, she got an Olaf cake. I think this is totally normal! An Olaf in a water barrel enjoying summer 🙂


I made a sponge cake with a cream cheese-joghurt-blackberry cream . For the water on top I made blue buttercream . The Olaf is made of gum paste and the barrel is made out of KitKats. It was a pretty small cake, 16cm in diameter I think, but I needed approx. 5 packages of KitKats – just to give you a number of what you might need, if you choose to make one yourself. The brown strings around the barrel are gummy worms and some textile strings to stabilize it.

I will post the recipe of the cake next time.

I hope you like the design. 🙂 If you can, watch the movie and enjoy the rest of this summer!! 🙂IMG_2175