field hockey cupcake field


I know it is close to Christmas and I should post something really christmasy.. well, looking outside the window I feel like fall is never ending. At least I am not freezing 24/7 😉 That’s a plus 🙂

So,  I am baking since a week for Christmas, but today I wanted to share something that I made by the end of November (just didn’t get to post it, yet). It will be a short post anyway, because there is not much to tell about the process.. It is pretty easy, so if you don’t have more than one day to prepare, go ahead with this one.

Remember my disaster-soccer-cake? I had another request from the same person, but this time the theme was field hockey. Additionally, the request changed to cupcakes instead of a cake (hmm… no wonder 😉 ). Three weeks before the due date I started to prepare the fondant and look for inspirations. I was about to leave for the US and the day I was going to come back would be the last to prepare the cupcakes, so all needed to be well planned.When I came back from my vacation, me and my jetlag started to bake chocolate cupcakes with field hockey decoration.

The cupcake recipe you find in one of my previous posts. For the hockey sticks and balls I used gumpaste, which I partly dyed brown and red. The balls I embossed a little with small dots, to make them look like hockey balls. The grass I made out of powdered sugar, some lemon juice and coconut.. very yummy and I always use this for grass, cause it is so easy. I used some chocolate ganache underneath the green fondant cover, to even out the surface.

For the name of the Birthday girl, I baked vanilla cookies and covered them in the colors of her team. When I covered them, I attached a stick to the back of the cookies, while the chocolate was still melted. Next time I would bake the stick into the cookies right away.  I let it dry and put two letters into one cupcake. With that I had ten hockey stick cupcakes (as many as requested.. one for each member of the team) and two extra for the name. They fitted perfectly into a white box that I got from a drug store (they had some other stuff in there before, but they gave me the empty box when I asked for it 🙂 ). I put some red paper inside to follow the color theme of her team. Ready to go 🙂

As far as I know, my friend and her daughter were happy about the outcome and this time I was happy, too.


To make this post just a little christmasy… many people thought these are candy canes. Take it as a christmas idea then and make the entire sticks in white and red and there you go: Christmas cupcakes 🙂