In 10 words


Have you ever tried to describe yourself in 10 words? Think about the first 10 words that come to your mind when thinking about yourself and your life.. what are they? These are mine

BAKING (obviously the first word, cause this is what my blog is about 😉 )

LANGUAGE (I have never been good in learning new languages.. I am supposed to speak five of them, but I can only have a coversation in three. I think it is interesting that, although the very first language I spoke is Polish, I would never be able to wirte a blog in that language. My first blog was in German. Now my second is in English. I wonder what’s next 😉 Btw. I hope you don’t mind my mistakes in my posts. As long as you understand what I am trying to say, it’s ok and if you are entertained by them… even better 🙂 )

PHOTOGRAPHY (I like taking pictures and freeze a moment and I really love seeing beautiful photos taken by others. I love when people have the skill to capture a scene in just the right moment and keep it forever. It’s like sharing one’s very personal view.. I think a photo tells a lot about the person who took it)

PERFECTION (I gave up trying to achieve this a while ago. I am a little too German sometimes… very picky and always unhappy with myself when I realize I can do it better. On the other hand, I think perfection is the most boring thing in the world. I love things and people with an edge.. their stories are always better than the plain and sleek ones 😉 )

DETAILS (Always pay attention to them! You can learn a lot from details about the world, other people, yourself. And there is so much inspiration in details. For your work, your relationships, your life..everything. Details enrich our lives in so many ways when we just pay a little attention to them)

CURIOSITY (I would like to know everything.. too bad my brain is not big enough and my life not long enough to learn everything)

DREAMS (We all need them. Our lives would be empty without dreams and goals. My biggest dream is an own cafe, with a lot of books, where people can come and have a good time, relaxing, reading, chatting.. with coffee and cake)

SMILEYS (You might have realized that I am using them whenever I can. Life is too serious to save on smiles and smileys 🙂 )

ICECREAM (Love the person who invented icecream!)

BOOKS (Whenever I can, I get lost in a story. I love reading. No matter whether it is a true story or just phantasy. Leaving the real world for some time and diving into black ink on white paper describing another life and world is a great way to learn and let go)