box of chocolates…



“Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you gonna get”

Yes, Forrest Gump’s mother was a very wise woman. We don’t know what life has in store for us. What challenges, memories or people. Sad moments, great moments. Things that define us, things we will keep in our hearts. People that make us laugh, people who hurt us. Tasks that break us, challenges that let us find our true strength. Surprises that mix up our every day life. Tragedies that make us forget our daily struggles. We never know what is waiting there for us when we open our eyes in the morning. The daily routine is something we can hold on to, but none of our days will ever be the same. None of the weeks will resemble another. None of the months will ever repeat itself. None of the years will start and end as any other before. We grow with each moment and decide who we want to be. With every step along the way. We take the challenges given to us and weigh them in our hands, deciding which direction to go. Will I put on my superwoman costume and push through or will I lay the challenge back and wait for it to just go away. Will it defeat me or will I defeat it? Will I embrace the good news and celebrate until my head spins or will I just recognize it with a nod, smile and move on as if nothing happened? Will I spend every day with the same routine or will I brush my teeth with my left hand tomorrow morning? It is all our choice. Life doesn’t define us, we do.

We don’t know what we get in the coming twelve months. We will get whatever 2017 is ready to offer. We will take one chocolate at a time and either like what we taste or not. We might get all chocolates with our favorite milk creme filling or one with nougat, which we don’t really like. Maybe one of them even has a bitter coffee taste.

If you get one you don’t like, reach out for the next one. It might be your favorite, helping you to cover up the taste of the bitter chocolate.

I wish all of you the sweetest of all chocolates in 2017 and only your favorite fillings. And if you happen to get one with a bitter taste, I wish you a friend who hands you your favorite chocolate to help you through the bitter days.




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