create sunshine

It’s been a while. Summer is almost over.. too short and not enough as always. The sun is still shining, trying its best to warm up the streets, that cool easily during the night. The trees show their first reddish leaves. The warm breeze is slowly turning into a chilly wind. The morning streets are crowded with people rushing to work and kids with their school bags.

Another summer just flew by. Another year is about to reach its final stage.

The shelves with photo books are filled with memories, images of beaches, sunshine and happy families. Photo books taking them back to their holidays whenever they would turn the pages. Memories will put a smile on their faces. Memories that are unique to them -of a certain place, a certain event, a certain person they shared this moment with. Those memories which will be shared and bring back the sun even into rainy days. Just by flipping a page.


And sometimes cake can do that too. Put a smile on a face, make memories, be unique to the receiver, create some sunshine on rainy days. It shows that you care and take the time to think about what another person likes, matching the cake to the character. The memories of that cake will remain with that person, reminding of a special occasion – a birthday, an anniversary, a goodbye, a babyshower or simply a thank you – bringing back the feeling of being loved, thought of and appreciated. The feeling of not being alone. Just by baking a cake.


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