cupcake diet


I haven’t been posting for quite some time and missed it a lot. I hope you are still with me and I would like to wish all of you a wonderful 2016. It is a little late for New Year wishes, I know, but the first month is not over yet and for me this means that wishes are still valid. We are just sliiiiiiidiiiiiing into this year. Slowly, carefully, adjusting. No rush. Happy New Year 🙂 Whatever your New Year resolutions might be, take it as it is.. start over if you fail and remember: there is always next year to try again. Don’t forget to take one day at a time and be proud of little accomplishments. You have the whole year to achieve whatever you want. And if you won’t achieve everything.. good.. 2017 will have 12 months to deal with what is left 🙂 Ease into your goals.

I hope none of your resolutions contain the word “diet”. If it does, I hope it is a cake diet, chocolate diet or cookie diet. I would not accept anything else 😉 In order to help you with your cupcake diet, here is an easy and fast cupcake recipe.

I had some leftover ingredients from my birthday and a few days ago, a gloomy Sunday, I decided to use up whatever I had and create something new for my colleagues at work.

My main ingredient I wanted to use was cream cheese. I searched the internet and the few books I have here (no worries.. I do have a good collection of baking books, but most of them found their “temporary home” in my mom’s basement – the best ones made their way up into her kitchen and the golden treasures are here with me, in my new temporary home). Anyways, I did not find one that would satisfy me. Most cream cheese recipes have a cream cheese topping and you need a plate and fork to eat the cake. Ideally, I wanted to have cupcakes, so that my colleagues could just grab it whenever they feel, without having to worry about plate and fork. Yes, I know what you think: where is the problem? Cream cheese frosting!! I was thinking the same, but I had too much cream cheese and also did not want to give them a third round of the same frosting (it is my third round of cupcakes for this group). My idea was to find something that would have the cream cheese in the batter. I found a pound cake and was tempted, but it seemed so boring. Finally, I decided to make a normal cupcake batter, maybe divide it to make it two colored (cocoa and vanilla) and put some cream cheese in between, creating a cheese cupcake.

The two colored idea was a little changed, while I was making the batter. I thought I would add a fruity touch and add some raspberry syrup instead of the cocoa. Unfortunately the raspberry flavor did not really come out well and the color was also not visible at all. It got slightly darker than the vanilla batter, but this was not visible after baking. Next time I will go with the original idea.

For the cream cheese filling I took three table spoons of cream cheese and mixed it with a package of vanilla sugar. If you like it more sweet, you can put two. I filled the cupcake moulds with one table spoon of each batter and a teaspoon of cream cheese in between. After baking I decorated the cupcakes with a frosting and some sprinkles.

Super easy and fast and only with these few ingredients:


100 g flour (I made this one with corn flour, so it is gluten free)

50 g cornstarch

3 Tsp baking powder

1 package vanilla pudding (for cooking)

125 g sugar

1 package vanilla sugar

(vanilla extract – I usually use it, but it works without as well)

3-4 eggs (depending on the size. I used 3 large ones)

150 g melted butter


1Tbsp cocoa powder

1-2 Tbsp milk

  1. Mix and sift the flour, cornstarch, pudding and baking powder.
  2. Add sugar and vanilla sugar (and vanilla extract).
  3. Add eggs and butter.
  4. If you decide for a two colored batter, divide the batter and add the cocoa and milk to one half.


For the cream cheese filling:

Mix 3 Tbsp of cream cheese with 1-2 package vanilla sugar until smooth and creamy.

Fill the cupcake moulds with 1 Tbsp of each batter and a layer of cream cheese in between. With a fork, mix the layers a little (it works without mixing as well, if you don’t feel like doing the extra work 😉 ).

Bake for 20-25 Minuten at 

175 C

For the frosting:

( Now, this is the part where you can mix and match.  I usually use is this ratio or keep close to it)

100 g butter

150-200 g powdered sugar

100-200 g cream cheese (it seems like a huge gap, but I usually use 200 g and this time had only 75-100 g and it still worked. It is really a matter of taste. Just try it.)

50-100 g melted white chocolate

  1. Mix the butter until light and fluffy.
  2. Add the powdered sugar.
  3. Add the cream cheese.
  4. Add the melted and cooled chocolate.


The three ingredients of the frosting are always the same with the chocolate stabilizing the frosting. Play with the ratios. I am not very consistent with it and just try and see how much I have at home. If you use more chocolate, reduce the sugar. If you have more butter, add more sugar or chocolate. I promise, it is always good and even if you don’t have chocolate, it will work 🙂

This time I used 100g butter, approx. 100g powdered sugar, 3Tbs cream cheese and 40g white chocolate – all that I had left at home 😉

I got really good feedback and hope you will like the recipe. I love it, cause it is super easy and you can just mix the ingredients in one bowl and be done with it.


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Enjoy your cupcake diet 😉

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