anti-christmas oven..



Almost two months passed since I sat down and my fingers pressed the keys on my keyboard in order to share with you the frozen cake. A lot of things happened since then. Again, my life changed, the surroundings changed, I changed. I guess, I did.. Maybe I grew, maybe I got more calm, maybe I learned. I cannot point at what has changed. But don’t we all change with every passing day? Don’t we learn a lesson or see something that we will remember one day? And if not, this day will still stick with us. Be in our memories. Maybe somewhere hidden in the back of our minds, but for sure this day will be a part of our lives, our experiences. Maybe you just stayed in bed, enjoying a calm day, while the cold outside was knocking on your window. You will go to work more rested and seize the day, only because the day today served you to refill your energy tanks. Maybe you met with your family, enjoying one more day you were able to get with them. Going for a walk, forming memories. Or maybe you just cleaned your apartment, cooked lunch, watched TV, and made some cupcakes (like me). A boring Sunday and sure not one I will remember my whole life, but a Sunday that was needed to just get back to normal. I moved right after I wrote my last post, was moving from one friend to another, started a new job and never had any rest, until a couple of days ago. My suitcase and I have lived in a close relationship for a month and I am not quite sure whether it feels abandoned now..  I hope I will be forgiven. I moved into a new apartment (for the next 5 months) and am starting to find my very own places, that eventually would make me feel like home. I do believe that, if we really want to, we can feel at home anywhere. We only need to find our favorite places, visit them  and make them our own. Hannover became my home after years of living there and I caught myself missing it dearly. I miss my running paths, biking through our city forest, enjoying the summer activities, knowing where to go and what subway to take, without even looking at the map. I might get there with Berlin one day, but it is a long shot. I still feel like a visitor. It will take time. And, no offense, I DO NOT want to take on their accent. I am pretty fast in adapting regions’ accents and I am thankful that my colleagues at work speak English or “normal” German. It is a matter of taste and I personally don’t really enjoy the accent here. I still listen to Hannover radio btw.. but please keep this to yourself 😉 It is a secret.

So, as you now know, I moved again and did not have a home for quite some time. The apartment I moved into has everything I need, but the oven was some kind of a huge question mark. I was not really sure whether it works. It needs gas (which is different from other ovens I am normally using) and it takes a lot of time, patience and matches to fire it. I had one of those ovens some time ago and was fine with it, but this one.. oh man.. this is trying hard to convince me not to use it. Once the fire is lit, I need to push the button for a very long time and in 90% of the cases it would just go off for no reason, as soon as I remove my fingers from the button. I always imagine this conversation: Oven: “What?? You wanna make something here? Bake?? What king of waste of time! I really don’t feel like burning now!” Me: “Common! Just these little rolls/ cupcakes/ lasagna… No biggie! It will be over quick.” Oven: “You must be kidding me! Do you know how much work this is to keep the fire alive?? I am not in the mood right now! I have a headache!” Me: “Please” Oven:” NO” Me:”I’ll try” (turning it on and pushing the button) Oven: “Ha.. you can push.. but it won’t help. Or do you want to push it for the next 30 minutes until your cupcakes are done?” Me:”Common! Only 25 minutes! I leave you alone after that” Oven: “No” Me: “Please” …….. “NO” “Please””NO” “Please””NO” “Please” (push) “NO” “Please””NO” “Please”…….Oven: “Stop pushing.. it starts to hurt!” Me: “Let the fire burn!” Oven: “NO” Me:”Fine, I won’t leave it!” Oven: “Fine, I let the fire burn!” (letting off the button) Oven:”HAHAHAHA” Me (pushing the button again) :”I have time!! And I won’t let go!” Oven: “You are annoying!!! Fine.. I let it burn. 25 minutes! NO LONGER” – and that is the moment of victory.


I am afraid this will affect the frequency of my posts, but I will try to make friends with my oven – I should give him a name. Any suggestions?

After my great success, I thought of making an old cupcake recipe that I posted here and try out some quick Christmas decorations. I do not have much stuff here.. everything that I own for decorating cakes and cupcakes, I left at my mom’s, so I did not have many choices, when it comes to decoration. On the bright side, I was able to find a nice, simple and quick way for Christmas Cupcakes, that everybody can do.

I covered every cupcake with dark chocolate and drew some Christmas themed picture with white chocolate on top. It is nice, if both chocolates are still fluid, so you can blend them a little. You can also wait until the dark chocolate is cooled and then put the white on top. There are endless possibilities. Additionally, I drew some pictures on some parchment paper, waited until the chocolate was set and put it on top of some cupcakes to get a 3D effect (you need to melt a little of the back of your chocolate ornaments to make them stick).


It is a super easy and fast way and is done within a couple of minutes. If you are too stressed to make huge Christmas decorations for your cupcakes or cakes, maybe this is an inspiration for you.

Me and my oven hope you like the outcome 🙂
Enjoy Christmas time!!! :*


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