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Sometimes I am wondering whether time is mocking me. Do other people wake up in the morning thinking: “WHAT?? Another month just passed?? AGAIN??” A lot of things have happened since the last time I posted. My life is about to change… again. I will have to move soon, start all over again. Probably a good thing.We will see.

We celebrated Easter, I went on vacation and somehow more than a month passed without me even noticing. It is good the way it is, though it is a little scary sometimes. I feel like life could slow down a little from time to time.

On the bright side, the faster time passes, the sooner all the holidays approach and this is always good reason for baking. Same as Christmas Easter was a little stressful this year. I could not get out from work until Saturday afternoon, which made my usual Easter baking tradition shrink to the essentials. I made an Easter Sheep out of sweet rolls, an Easter egg shaped peach and meringue filled cake with butter cream and marzipan decoration and some Easter cake pops. I will show you all three pastries, though the cake pops were the ones that I really liked the most and you can use these ideas for any other occasion, like spring festivals or birthdays (my roommate loves sheep and so I think it would be great for her birthday). I made one batch of the sheep and the bunnies a week before Easter to see how it works with the decoration. I made the faces and the ears out of white chocolate and the bunny ears out of dark chocolate. It was really tricky to handle, because they easily broke and if not broken they melted while working with them. Also, the faces were all so different and uneven, and so were the ears. I decided to change that for the real Easter table. I looked for small cookie cutters, that would resemble the shapes of bunny and sheep faces and bunny ears. You just need a little phantasy to see faces in normal cookie cutters, but they are out there 😉 I used marzipan for the faces this time. Way easier to handle and so much more smooth and even. The eyes, noses and mouths I drew with melted dark chocolate. For the bunny ears I just poured some dark chocolate onto parchment paper and let it cool a little. When it started to harden, I took my leaf cookie cutter, cut out the ears, put an almond flake in the middle and let it dry completely. Once dry and hard I just removed the stem and there you go: ears 🙂 For the little chicken and the eggs, I colored fine sugar with food coloring and dipped the cake pops in after covering with white chocolate. For the wings of the sheep and chicken I used almond flakes. Me and my roommate spent the entire Friday afternoon in the kitchen, creating more than 80 cake pops. It was a lot of fun. We made vanilla cake pops and chocolate cake pops. For the vanilla cake pops you can use this recipe and for the chocolate ones either this or this. We used both. Because I cannot eat dairy, I am becoming a fan of the cake pop machine and this recipe works well with it 🙂 I described how to use this recipe with the machine here.



It was really a lot of fun doing this. I haven’t done a creative thing like that since quite some time and I am missing it a lot. I hope to be able to do more creative baking in the future and of course I will keep you posted on my projects. Let me know if you have any suggestions.. I would love to make something one of my readers wishes to see here 🙂


this is how it looked like on the table 😉

And here are pictures of the sheep and the cake. If you’d like the recipes, let me know 🙂

IMG_1686 IMG_1700


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