Ohana means family

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I am a big fan of cartoons. When I book a long distance flight, I go on the airline’s webpage to look at their entertainment menu. I glance at the comedy, drama and love movies. I examine the kids program. On a flight from Europe to the US I usually watch one “adult” movie and one kids movie. I save the kids movie for the last. Of course, just because I know I would be tired and don’t want anything challenging… well.. that is what I would say if somebody would ask. Truth is.. it is like with dessert: the best comes last. I am looking forward to it like a 10 year old. Usually there is only one movie that I haven’t seen yet, so that is why I only watch one of them. Plus, it sure is a little embarrassing to be the only adult on the plane watching Olaf looking for his butt! When I planned to watch “Frozen” for the first time, I was on another trip to the US. I chose an adult movie to watch first and planned on “Frozen” as the second. A little boy, I would say 8 or 9 years old, was laughing and squeaking for more than an hour. When I saw that he was watching “Frozen”, I could barely concentrate on my own movie. I sooo wanted this movie to end, so I could laugh along. Well.. the boy started another movie, when it was my turn to laugh and try hiding my excitement. Yepp… I am a 33 year old woman, but somewhere in my chest, there is Tigger’s heart bouncing 😉

I do think that cartoons are not just cute though – well, at least the good ones. Many of them have a message or lesson that is worth learning. Most of them are about love, friendship, family, responsibilities for our actions. Cartoons are made for children and good cartoons teach kids how to be good. The message might be hidden and most often reveals itself at the very end, but it is there. Have you guys watched “Lilo&Stitch”? It is funny, ’cause I really cannot remember the whole plot of the movie or any specifics really, but I do remember one phrase, which stayed with me and my siblings ever since we watched that movie (luckily I am not the only adult in my family crazy for cartoons 😉 ) Whenever one of us mentions something about family, it is a sure thing somebody says: “Ohana!” And that is because the lesson we learned from “Lilo&Stitch”: “Ohana means family. And family means that nobody gets left behind….or forgotten.”

(If you want to see this part of the movie.. here it is 😉 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-U0xGBNl2fE&feature=youtu.be)

Last week my mom invited me and my siblings for a small get together. My siblings came with their partners and kids and we just sat together, eating, chatting and basically celebrating us as a family. When I heard about this get together for the first time, I thought about what I could bake. We would not really stick around for coffee (it would be too much after breakfast and lunch), but I was sooo craving for baking 😉 So, I came up with the idea of “Ohana” to celebrate our family. I decided for two cakes, so that one could be taken home, if somebody couldn’t stay. I wanted to try out to draw on fondant for quite some time and figured, this could be the chance. I wouldn’t have enough time to make the figures out of gumpaste anyway and drawing would be faster. Well.. it did take some time to make those two cakes, but they were both done within one day, so I would still say, this might be a last minute solution for the future;) And I have to say.. drawing on fondant: I LOOOOOOOVE IT!!!! It is soooo soothing and easy. I searched the web for some inspiration, found some pictures, drew them on parchment paper and placed it onto a circle of fondant, the size of the cake. With a toothpick I traced the outer lines of the drawing. I used the Wilton Icing colors, diluted with some alcohol, to color the drawing. I let it dry over night and put it on top of the cakes. I also cut some small flowers out of marzipan and fondant to decorate.

This time I did not cover the whole cakes with fondant, because my family is not really fan of it. I covered the cake with butter cream (which is ok with fondant) and only put the one circle on top. I filled the cake (sponge cake with some coconut) with a peach-yoghurt cream and some peaches, which I thought would fit the “Lilo&Stitch”- Hawaii theme. I just put some peach joghurt, heavy cream, and gelatine together to make a light and fresh filling. I put a little too much of gelatine though, which made a gummy-bear like texture (which I don’t like) and also caused problems with the butter cream. The butter cream did not stick to the parts where the gelatine was and thus left open spaces, making the cake a little ugly at the sides. Well.. nothing is perfect 😉 and sometimes we need to overlook imperfections.. another lesson learned 😉 It was tasty and that is important. Plus, the real project was on top and not at the sides 😉



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