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Guys.. I need to apologize to you. I am sorry for what this post will be about.. Do you wanna guess? I’ll give you some hints: it is small. It is round. It is rolling into your mouth with just one bite. Yes.. you are right! I know, I know and I promise that I will post cakes and cupcakes and will be baking with an oven again and share it with you. I have two posts that have nothing to do with cake pops waiting on my computer.. well, not the actual posts, but the pictures that will come with it. I thought the next post will be about the winter cake I made for Christmas.. but I am soooo excited about what I am going to post now, that I could not wait. So sorry about posting little round bites again. The next one will have cream and decoration and will have a full recipe that I hope you will enjoy 🙂 Promise!

Those of you who read a couple of my posts or even follow my blog on a regular basis (thank you for that, by the way 🙂 ) know that once I like a recipe, because it is easy AND tasty AND proven and tested a couple of times, this recipe will be used over and over again. Mostly in another shape, with other companions (like other kind of creams or different decorations) or even with slightly changed ingredients (which does not always work.. just recalling the disaster with my lucky pigs for New Year’s…. 😉 ) I love trying new things, but what is tested is tested and sometimes we need solid ground for success 😉 It is like fashion (oh well.. I am a fashion designer after all 😉 ): once we found our style, we stick to it. We try out new things, substitute accessories, change the colors, mix the items in different combinations, but all in all.. it is still the same style. It is still us. Still the same recipe. So, we have our favorite dresses that just fit and we are sure we look great in. These dresses never fail to make us look good, no matter what the occasion is. My favorite recipes are basically doing the same. They are just proven styles for my baking goods. The same ingredients with different accessories. Once I found a recipe that really works for me and I get something new for baking, I try whether it works with my favorites. With my new cake pop maker I am trying out all my favorite recipes now and am always happy when it turns out to be good. First attempt – again the New Year’s failure – was not a success. Number two and three: YES!!!! Last weekend I had a friend visiting and I wanted to make a little treat for our pre- and after-shopping coffee. I used the chocolate cake recipe and the cake pops turned out extra yummy. Very moist and chocolaty..great for chocolate lovers. I did not add the hot water at the end, because the batter would be too thin and this would not work with the cake pop maker. I was afraid it would lose some of its usual moist texture, but nope.. they turned out absolutely great! For the decoration I just cut flowers out of marzipan. Very simple, but I think very elegant.

     IMG_1185 IMG_1176


For breakfast I prepared the cinnamon rolls, which I posted approximately a year ago. I did not know whether yeast works with the cake pop maker, but wanted to try, because sooner or later I will sure get tired of cake pops and my friends and family will too. I am still so excited that it worked out. I wanted to freeze half of them, because I thought that the whole dough would be too much for the two of us. The little cinnamon rolls rolled so well into our tummies that nothing was left by the end of the day. 🙂 Happy me.

     IMG_1205 IMG_1220



If you happen to have a cake pop maker.. well.. go for it and try whatever suits you. It might work 🙂 I will try more and keep you posted on my successes and failures and like I promised, give you a little more input on stuff from the oven too. Until then: Keep rolling !! 🙂

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