lucky 2015


On New Year’s Eve somebody asked me about my goals for 2015. “I don’t have any” I said and thought “‘Cause this time I know better”. I don’t have goals, because I figured that goals often enough end up in disappointment.

Don’t get me wrong; I do not think that one should not have goals in live. On the contrary. I think we should, but I figured they need to be flexible. We cannot predict a day, a week or a month and we sure don’t know what is waiting for us with in the next 365 days. It might all go smooth and easy and in a year we might look back and think: “This was my year”. Often enough though life goes its own way, without considering our plans and goals. Those are the times when our goals might turn into disappointment, because we blame ourselves for not achieving them, although we might not even have had the slightest chance. Many goals don’t only depend on us, but we need the right environment and the right people around us and a stable life. I am not talking about things like quitting smoking or changing the diet.. honestly, for those goals we do not need a new year, but simply the willingness to do this – no matter what the calendar says. If you set a goal that you want to achieve within the next 12 months, make it flexible, so it would bend around all the obstacles life brings you in 2015.

I for myself did not set any goals this year. I am staying flexible for whatever crosses my way and deal with it. I do have wishes though. I wish that 2015 will bring changes. I wish that the people I love know. I wish that my friends and family stay healthy and happy. I wish that if they suffer I’ll find the right words and the right ways to console them. I wish that I stay true to myself and always go to sleep with the confidence that I did my best.
May you all acieve your goals and may your wishes for 2015 come true.

And with a little treat for good luck in our bellies, we might just give a little push to those wishes to come true 😉 Because I don’t have an oven, I don’t have many choices to bake something and had to figure out an alternative for Christmas and New Year’s Eve. I do have my new cake pop maker though and am still figuring out the best recipes for this method. One that works absolutely great is the recipe for the coconut mini muffins. The cake pops are delicious and moist. I did not use chocolate to cover them, but the same glaze as for the muffins and it tastes fantastic. It is a little more tricky, cause it drips a lot more than chocolate, but it is absolutely worth the trouble and a great alternative for those who don’t really like chocolate (which of course is a little weird anyway 😉 ) For New Year’s I used the same recipe, but substituted the coconut with vanilla extract.. well.. how can I say that? It turned out to have the texture of rubber with the taste of .. this one I really don’t know. I have never tasted something like this. In one word: disgusting! Please don’t try that! I will let you know when I find a good vanilla recipe, but this one only goes for the coconut.. and it works perfectly well. Well, sometimes we need to leave things the way they are, I guess 😉

However, I will show you my Christmas and New Year’s cake pops as an inspiration and hope you like them 🙂 For New Year’s I wanted something for good luck, so I chose little pigs as my inspiration (I don’t know whether they are used everywhere as a luck symbol, but here they are)

IMG_1039     IMG_1030             

IMG_1101     IMG_1102

By the way, I also made my New Year’s fortune cookies, which always turn out great and taste delicious. You can find the recipe here.

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