save your kisses for me


Three weeks.. only three weeks in the US passed and I am sooooo craving my oven! Or maybe not really my oven, but maybe my conviction that I can bake. Whatever it is that makes my projects fail big time here, it makes me dreaming about sparkling German ovens, small packages of baking powder and the sweetness of vanilla sugar. I love challenges, as you all know, and I sure love to try out new recipes, but if all the things fail one after another, my disappointed mind desires some sort of baking success. I can’t believe that whatever my friends here tasted made by me so far, was this middle-rate pastry.. or even something that tasted like rubber soles. Seems like I left my baking talents in Germany.. I guess it was too heavy for my suitcase. No kidding.. I made a batch of cupcakes, some German Bread (Buchteln – I will post the recipe soon, cause usually they are DELICIOUS!!!) and some mini cherry pies. The cupcakes were.. ok.. nothing great or overwhelming, just ok. The frosting turned out to be too fluid.. So all in all, nothing I can brag about. The Buchteln, were nice and definitely edible, but they came out less sweet than when I make them at home (for whatever reason.. maybe the sugar here is less sweet.. or the flour absorbs the sugar? Who knows?). I will try them again with more sugar.. so this one: not a complete failure. BUT.. the cherry pies? Oh my!!!! Bad!! Really, really bad!! Rubber sole pies with the worst taste ever. New recipe (probably a good one, it just did not fit me) that I won’t ever try again.. Usually I would try to improve it, but with this one, I have not even the slightest idea where to start. It simply doesn’t meet my expectations of a good and sweet treat. I will make my own version of pie some day and maybe share it with you guys, if it works out.

In most cases I really like the mini versions of things. It is easier to share and you don’t need to eat everything at once. Plus, it always looks good. A normal cake loses its initial appeal, once the first slice is cut out. A mini-cake doesn’t need to be cut in slices and therefore looks neat until it ends up in somebody’s belly 🙂 Sure, there are pros and cons.. A nice cake has also its positive sides, but since I already started talking about all the small stuff (cupcakes, Buchteln, mini cherry pies), I will continue with even smaller stuff 🙂

For my last birthday I got a very, very nice gift from my roommate – a mini muffin pan along with a small book with recipes (it’s good to let all your friends know how much you like to bake 😉 Of course my roommate also always knew what was missing in my collection.. ). The birthday get together with my friends followed a few days later and sure I had to try out the pan. I made three different kinds of mini muffins/cupcakes – two sweet versions and one spicy version. The best of these mini treats turned out to be the coconut mini cupcake. Yummy and with only one bite gone 🙂 I knew one of my friends is a huge coconut fan, that is why I decided to make them. A few months later, I made them again for my good bye get together. They are great for parties, because they are not too big, so that people can just try all different kinds, without being too stuffed.. it is also a good excuse for the guilty conscience.. it’s so small, your conscience can’t even see it, before it is gone ;).. like a light kiss, only touching the lips and almost not there 😉

Coconut Kisses:

90 g flour

1 tbsp cornstarch

1 tsp baking powder

40 g desiccated coconut


1 egg

40 g sugar

50 ml vegetable oil

2 tbsp Batida de Coco (or other liquid)

2 tbsp sour cream


4 tbsp powdered sugar

Batida de Coco or lime / lemon juice

desiccated coconut

1. mix flour, cornstarch, baking powder, coconut and salt in a bowl and set aside

2. in another bowl whisk egg with sugar, oil, Batida de Coco and sour cream

3. add the dry ingredients to the egg mixture and mix until just combined

4. pour batter into mini muffin pan

5. bake approx. 10 min at 175°C / 350°F

6. let cool completely

7. for the icing, mix the powdered sugar with Batida de Coco or lemon juice until it starts to thicken

8. spread the icing on top of each mini muffin and dip into desiccated coconut 

I should try these ones here too and see how it works out 😉 I am still amazed how different things come out, just because I change some ingredients. Oh, well.. it is a challenging lesson.

Enjoy your kisses guys.. Coconut or not 😉

( and sing along.. save your kisses for me… 🙂



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