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sorry guys.. I didn’t post anything for a really long time now. Life can be crazy.. or maybe we just make it crazy. Sometimes nothing happens in our lives or too many things happen. I encountered both periods during the last three years and I am afraid I am not dealing well with life standing still. I had a lot going on lately, writing applications, going to interviews, waiting, watching soccer games 😉 (this part actually took a lot of time away.. two games a day.. every day. A World Cup is really time consuming 😉 ) Anyhow, though never bored, I felt like my life would stand still. I needed new perspectives and something to simply move on. So, two weeks ago I  booked a flight to the US, packed up my stuff, left my apartment for good and off I was. Whatever will happen after the two months of my stay, I will take it 🙂

My life is rolling again, or at least was for the last two weeks. The World Cup is also still rolling, with our team in the semi finals 🙂 Things are good and I have some time to post a couple of the recipes I was collecting over the last days in Germany. And talking about things rolling again, I thought I would start with the recipes for the cake pops I promised in my last post.

Usually, I would not go with every fashion that hits the baking world, but cake pops are so versatile and still special, that I learned to love them. The first time I made them was for my birthday almost three years ago and I had a hard time keeping them on the sticks. We live and learn. Using the right sticks, instead of barbecue sticks, makes it so much easier. However, the first recipe turned out to be THE one and I always use this one whenever I feel like I could make some cake pops. It is a vanilla recipe, but I will also post one for chocolate cake pops and one for lemon ones. All of them are delicious and I have been asked for the recipe quite often, so I am sure they are yummy 🙂 These recipes do not require a cake pop maker, so it’s basically  for everybody 🙂


Vanilla Cake Pops (approx. 40)



250 g butter

200 g sugar

4 eggs

250 g flour

1 tsp baking powder

1 tsp vanilla extract




75 g butter

125 g cream cheese

1 1/2 vanilla beans (or some vanilla extract)

150 g powdered sugar



400 g white chocolate

1 tsp coconut oil

(1 1/2 vanilla beans or vanilla extract) – optional.. I never use it and it is still good. If you like that much of vanilla flavor, go ahead and try 🙂


1. for the cake beat butter and sugar approx. 5 minutes on highest speed until light and fluffy

2. add eggs one at a time

3. in another bowl mix dry ingredients and add the butter/sugar mixture

4. mix well

5. bake 45-50 minutes at 180°C / 356° F

6. let cool completely

7. cut off the dark and hard spots

8. crumble the cake into a large bowl

9. for the frosting mix the butter and the cream cheese until smooth

10. add vanilla extract and powdered sugar and mix until well blended

11. add the frosting to the crumbs and mix with a spoon or your hands (which is easier) until all the crumbs are moist. The dough should be moist enough, so you can form it into balls

12. form approx. 40 balls. (You will get a feeling of the size after a while. Make sure not to make them too big and heavy. A size of maybe 2-3cm diameter would be good. When I made the cake pops for the wedding a month ago I used a coffee spoon, which is usually used to portion coffee. For the German readers: the one at Nanu Nana has the perfect size 😉 )

13. let cool in the fridge for approx. an hour (or 30 minutes in the freezer). (I like to use empty boxes of eggs, lined with aluminum foil to store the balls)

14. chop chocolate and melt it (make sure to keep the temperature between 28 and 29° C. If it gets too hot, you will end up having white ugly spots once the chocolate dries out. Trust me – it is really frustrating after all this work)

15. add some coconut oil to make it a little more fluid

16. dip one end of the sticks into the chocolate and insert into the cake balls about half way

17. let chill for another 15 minutes

18. dip the cake balls into the chocolate until completely covered and let them drip off, while swirling them around carefully and tapping gently with your spare hand on the wrist holding the cake pop

19. decorate

20. let dry – if you don’t have a cake pop holder to let them dry (nobody really has, right? and if you do, usually there is not enough space anyway) use Styrofoam. Pull it out from any box, you ever stored in case your TV needs to be returned or your computer needs to be fixed 😉 If you don’t have it at home.. any home improvement store has them 😉 It works great!

21. Relax! The work is done and I know it is a lot of work  😉




It is really the greatest recipe for very yummy cake pops. My friends and family simply love them. For those of you who like more variety, here is a chocolate and a lemon version:

Chocolate Cake Pops (approx. 12):

for the cake:

1 egg

50 g sugar

50 ml vegetable oil

50 ml yoghurt

1 tbsp cocoa powder

75 g flour

1/4 package baking powder


for the frosting:

75 g dark chocolate

50 ml whip cream

100 g soft butter

20 g powdered sugar


1. for the cake beat egg with sugar until light and fluffy

2. add oil and yoghurt

3. in another bowl mix cocoa, flour, and baking powder

4. combine flour mixture with yoghurt mixture until well blended

5. bake 30 minutes at 175°C / 350°F

6. let cool

7. for the frosting chop chocolate

8. heat the whip cream and pour onto the chocolate. Whisk until smooth

9.  in another bowl whisk butter and powdered sugar until fluffy

10. mix with chocolate cream

11. let it cool for approx. one hour

12. crumble the cake (after cutting off the hard and dark spots) and combine with the cream

13. proceed as above (step 12 to 21)



last time I used the super duper chocolate cake from this post. The cake itself is very moist, so there is no need to have a lot of frosting. It is also bigger than in this recipe here, so you will end up having approx. 40-50 cake pops. Double the frosting for this cake. This should be enough 🙂

IMG_0005  IMG_0022


Lemon Cake Pops:

(you can either use the vanilla cake above and just make the frosting lemony or you go with the following lemon cake recipe)

250 g butter

200 g sugar

1 package vanilla sugar

1 lemon (zest and juice)


4 eggs

200 g flour

50 g cornstarch

2 tsp baking powder


1. beat butter, sugar, vanilla sugar, lemon zest and juice until fluffy

2. add eggs, one at a time

3. in another bowl mix flour, cornstarch, and baking powder

4. mix into butter mixture until well blended

5. bake 50 minutes at 175°C / 350°F


for the frosting:

75 g butter

125 g cream cheese

150 g powdered sugar

3 tsp lemon juice

3 tbs lemon zest


1. mix the butter and the cream cheese until smooth

2. add lemon juice, lemon zest and powdered sugar and mix until well blended

3. proceed as with vanilla cake pops



The lemon cake is also great for a cake pop maker or the silicone forms used for cake pops. I had a hard time finding the right recipe for the silicone forms. They always came out too dry. This cake is actually a normal lemon pound cake. Very moist and yummy and it really works with the silicone forms 🙂 I made these for the soccer event and it was the first time I was really satisfied with the texture of the cake pops without frosting.


I hope you enjoy rolling, rolling, rolling. There are plenty of possibilities to use your creativity with these little treats on the stick. Here is another one from Christmas 🙂



Don’t roll too far.. roll back to me in a few days and visit again 🙂


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  2. looks delish!!! and i have 2 exactly the same looking cake pops in my fridge as the ones from your first pic… (i was attending a wedding on saturday 😉 ) and did i understand it correctly? you are already in the states? for 2 months? where are you? what are your plans? a million questions… sending big hugs and the best wishes, helene

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