Time flies.. it is June! Already! People are planning their summer vacations, working in their yards to make them pretty or planning a wedding.. yes, somehow it seems as if this is what summer is about. Getting married, go on vacation, sitting in the sun in one’s own yard.. preferably in that order 😉 I didn’t post anything for some time, cause I was kind of occupied with one of these things. Planning and preparing the desserts for a wedding. Never thought it would be THAT much work, but well.. we learn every day, right? A friend of mine got married and wanted me to take care of the cake. It was a really interesting project and I said yes, not quite knowing what I am getting myself into. Anyway, I won’t say too much, cause this post is not about the wedding bakery.. guess what? Being stressed makes me forgetful and I packed all the things into my car, but forgot the camera.. now I have to wait for the photos that the bride is about to send me, once they get back from their honeymoon. As we Germans say: “I could bite myself into my butt for that!” 😉

Ok, so we have to wait for the pictures and the post, but I thought I would share another summery recipe with you guys. Yesterday was the International Children’s Day and my siblings and I were all invited for lunch at my mom’s house. I arrived at her place on friday and baked the cake (being the unofficial baker in our family).
Back to being a child, my mom and I did something that I always loved to do as a kid and that I will always keep in mind as one of my favorite summer traditions. When I was little, my parents always took us to go strawberry picking. Whenever the first strawberry turned red, our little hands were ready to grab it and stuff it into our mouths. Fresh strawberries from the field are irresistible and we usually ended up being red everywhere..especially in our happy and satisfied faces. The rule was: one strawberry into the basket and two into the belly.. or maybe three.. if it fits, four.. until the basket is full and we can go. Ok, I have to admit that my parents were the ones filling the basket really…hmm.. maybe only my mom, cause my dad used to play along with our game 😉 I always loved summer for this tradition and I am looking forward to this one every year.
So, my mom and I went strawberry picking on saturday.. the game more or less changed to one in the basket, one in the belly.. and we filled 3kilos of strawberries pretty fast. The major ingredient for a summer-Children’s Day-cake was on its way home. A little coconut in the dough would add even more summer vacation feeling, I thought, and decided for a..

strawberry coconut cake:
(meine Familie&Ich books; Lieblingskuchen; Nr.5/2012)

for the dough:
100 g white chocolate
200 g butter
160 g sugar
5 eggs
300 g flour
1 package baking powder (I used a little less, around 3/4, to avoid the baking powder taste)
100 g dessicated coconut
7 tbsp milk

for the filling:
750 g strawberries
250 g powdered sugar
2 packages vanilla pudding (each for 50 0ml milk)
700 ml milk
600 g butter (I used only 400 g butter and added 200 g creme cheese to have it less buttery)

1. chop chocolate and melt it
2. whisk butter and sugar until light and fluffy
3. add eggs one by one
4. add white melted chocolate
5. mix flour and baking powder
6. alternatingly add flour mixture, coconut and milk to the butter-egg mixture
7. bake approx. 50 minutes at 180°C
8. let cool completely and cut into two or three layers

for the filling:
1. purée strawberries and mix with powdered sugar
2. prepare pudding as directed on package (with only 700 ml milk and no sugar)
3. let cool for approx. 10 minutes
4. add strawberry purée. let cool
5. whisk butter (and creme cheese) until light and fluffy
6. add pudding mixture
7. if you want and have some strawberries left, put some strawberries onto the first layer of the cake and cover with 1/3 of the cream
8. put second layer on top and repeat with strawberries and cream as on first layer
9. finish with top layer, cream and decoration
10. chill for 4 to 5 hours

If you want you can decorate with strawberries, flowers, white chocolate, coconut… endless possibilities 🙂
Guys, I have some strawberries in the fridge and thus need to go and think about the next strawberry cake 😉 Enjoy the cake and if you happen to have the chance: go and pick some strawberries from the field.. don’t forget the 1:2 ratio 😉




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