happy seeds





I wanted to stop talking about the weather, but really….it is simply AMAZING the last couple of days. I wouldn’t mind having sunshine and 20°C in Germany all year long. People smile more, are friendly and relaxed. Who doesn’t like that??
Smelling fresh cut grass, enjoying the green shades of the trees and grass and the colorful variety of flowers everywhere… seeing the sparkly water of our river and the listen to the birds singing, while the wind plays with my hair. Seriously.. what is better than that? I love the very first days of spring/summer. Finally, I can just walk around outside and listen to the sounds of nature, instead of being afraid that I will end up without hands, feet or ears if I don’t get into a warm place within five minutes. Me running from one warm place to the other happens with every weather which temperature is below 20°C. Maybe that is why I like to bake.. it is always warm around the oven 🙂
So, while my heart took in all the colors, smells and sounds of spring, I was thinking about what to bake to celebrate this day. Isn’t it the time for red poppies? It is sooooo beautiful to pass a whole bunch of these and see its rich color.
Well.. poppy seed it is 🙂 I cooked some poppy seed, added a little lemon juice and vanilla sugar and mixed it with the batter of the vegan cupcakes I posted some time ago. I took a lot of poppy seeds, cause I had them at home and needed to use it up, but if you just want to have a hint of it in your cupcake, reduce the amount. It is a little unstable, when using too much and your cupcakes can break easily. Just play with it and find the right amount for you. And don’t forget that poppy seeds are drugs 😉 Maybe this is the reason I am happy today…..;)
I used the silicone pan for “mini-Gugelhupfe”. While still warm, I glazed the Gugelhupfs with a mix of powdered sugar and lemon juice. Some of the Gugelhupfs I covered with green colored marzipan. The remaining ones I left with the glaze. For the decoration I used red colored marzipan for red poppies and used some crumps of the dough as the flower center.
Very easy and fast! Enjoy the summer.. or spring.. just enjoy 🙂

              Image               Image




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