with love


I know, I haven’t been posting anything for quite a wile. I am still baking and decorating.. I am still enjoying mixing flour with eggs and butter.. I am still enoying decorating. Unfortunately, I haven’t have much time to sit down and report what I still enjoy.

And time flies. Soooo fast. I can’t believe that all the stores provide christmas candy, the cities are full of people standing outside and drinking “Glühwein” and all you hear on the radio are bells and songs about this holy time. Talking about time.. where are the last two months???
And my mom would probably ask: “Where are the last couple of years?”. Just like we all do on our birthday. So my mom turned 65 and I wanted to make a special cake for her. I made one that she really wanted, without any decoration. Just a simple cheesecake with poppy seeds. She loves everything with poppy seeds. The other one was supposed to be something with fruit. I chose a cake with peaches and coconut. I can post the recipe if anybody is interested, but for now I just wanted to share the decoration of the cake.

I used white fondant for the cake. Then I took white and yellow gumpaste for the flowers. I cut the blossoms one by one and arranged them in a circle. I made two layers for the big blossoms and one for the small ones. I didn’t have a cutter for the smaller ones, so I just used the upper third of the bigger cutters. Make sure to place the layers of blossoms on a piece of waxed paper or aluminium foil.
For the middle part I made a small ball out of gumpaste and flattened it a little on one side. Then I took some tweezers to make the uneven surface. I squeezed a little gumpaste a couple of times and painted the surface with a little brownish foodcolor. Afterwards I put the flower with the waxed paper into a mug to dry. I pushed the flower down just a little, so that the blossom would still fall over the edge of the mug. The paper will keep the flower from falling inside. It will harden over night, so you an use it for the cake.
For the leaves, I used green foodcolor to dye some fondant. I placed the leaves underneath the flowers and used some edible glue to fix everything.
The other decoration, like the little dots at the bottom and the number, I made with royal icing. I would not really recommend it though, because when it is dry, it doesn’t really stick to the fondant and brakes easily. I am sure buttercream icing would work better. I will try that out next time and let you know 🙂

My mom seemed to like it and she even recognized that these were supposed to be her favorite flowers. I am glad I was able to give her something she liked and that was made with love. She gave me a lot throughout my life and I am more than happy to give her something back. I will never be able to repay her, but I am trying.. step by step and year by year.

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