goal for germany (hopefully a lot of them next summer :) )


Ok, so that was sure not my best shot here.. I want to share my “disaster-soccer-cake” with you, which almost led me to a breakdown. You might think that the pic doesn’t look as bad as it sounds, but trust me.. sometimes you just have to hope that others don’t have anything to compare 😉 (I will give you something to compare though)

Last weekend I had to make a cake for a friend’s son. He is a soccer player, so the theme was pretty obvious. I decided that I wanted a cake that would look like a soccer ball. I made one only one week earlier for my brother’s bday and it came out pretty well (you will see the photo of that one at the end.. the one to compare 😉 ) Now, since I am who I am, I thought I could go one step further.. turned out: one step too much. I wanted to make a goal with a net, which is big enough for the ball. I had my first shot before my brother’s bday, trying to make a goal out of royal icing.. yes, I do know that this is a funny idea, considering how fragile royal icing is. But… it looked really, really nice 🙂 I used a box, wrapped in aluminum foil and used a lot of roayl icing.. of course it broke when i took the box away. I know, I know.. but, come on.. I had to try! Next I wanted to try stacking those little waffle rolls and insert a BBQ stick for the posts. For the net… well, I didn’t even get there, because I soon realized, that this idea was also a dead end. Ok.. this cake was going to be roofless. (Today I think I should have sticked to this).

A week later… another shot with the goal. I decided to make the whole thing out of gum paste. It worked quite nice and I kept it over night. The next day it seemed to be ok, but at some parts it started to peel and brake. I tried to fix it with sugarglue.. didn’t really work. I put some BBQ sticks into the posts for better stabilization..which didn’t really help much. The long part at the top of the posts, that connects the two posts, broke and even after putting BBQ sticks and spaghetti, it simply refused to stay straight and not to break.. I gave up after remaking this stick three times. My mistake was that I put the posts too far away from each other, so that the BBQ stick was too short to lie on the posts.. I won’t make that mistake again.
The net is made out of gummy worms.. It takes like an hour or two to knot a net out of them, because they brake easily, but I think it’s worth it. I actually made two.. The first one I wanted to cover with white chocolate or royal icing to get it white.. again.. stupid idea. It doesn’t work. So, I took another package of gummy worms and started to knot again 🙂 I left it green.. it fits to the grass 😉
The posts btw. started to bend under the weight of the net.. nope.. I was not about to cry!!
I put the ball to the more bending post for support.. oh.. the ball.. another awesome idea, which turned out to be not so awesome after all.
For my brother’s cake I baked a light vanilla cake and used dark chocolate and icing for the pentagons and hexagons. It worked quite well, only the templates seemed to be too big. No problem.. to cut is always possible. The white parts were shining through a little, so I decided to use white chocolate for the other cake instead. Since the second cake was about to be a chocolate one, I needed something that would cover a little more.
Good idea? Maybe.. but it didn’t turn out very well. While I was able to cover the unregularities in size of the pentagons and hexagons with icing.. that was not possible with chocolate. The white parts were too small and didn’t cover everything. I had to fill the gaps with more chocolate, which made everthing uneven 😦 Next time I should either go back to the first version or do some accurate math before starting, so that it fits perfectly. But to be honest, I think next time I would simply stick to the royal icing version.. it works much better. Or cover it with melted white chocolate first and put the dark on top. I’ll let you know if I ever try that out.

Btw. I put the chocolate on the cake while it was still a little warm. Since the cake is a little rounded, i needed the chocolate to stick to the shape of the ball and that is why it needed to slightly melt on top of the cake. Again.. first cake worked.. second.. not so much. The cake was too warm, so that the chcocolate melted almost completely.

The next day when I came into the kitchen, I was not really surprised when I saw that another mistake was showing on the cake. While meltig the white chocolate, I overheated it, so that it got white spots on the surface, making it look as if it was spoiled. Oh well.. breathe, just breathe.

Next thing to do: letters! The colors of the son’s soccer team were white and black. Since I didn’t have black at home I used red, blue and a little yellow, which comes close to black. Of course that didn’t go smoothly either. The powder of the food coloring wouldn’t dissolve, so that small grains remained. It looked as if I colored the letters with coffee 😦 Use gel-textured colors!!!! My advice for myself 🙂  Anyway, it had to get done, so I had no choice but simply putting the failed parts onto the cake and get over with this 😉

I added some coconut mixed with powdered sugar and lemon juice and added some green coloring (here you can use the powder) for the grass. One thing that worked 😉 On top I put two pairs of gummy sneakers as decoration.

At the end it wasn’t too bad and apparently the chocolate cake was good as always 🙂

Here is the other picture I promised, the first cake which I made for my brother. The letters here are marzipan. Because I needed white colors I decided against it for the other cake, because marzipan comes in a more yellowish shade and is not very useful for plain white decorations.

I had some leftovers from the cake and I made some chocolate candy.. which I will show you next time 🙂

For now I am off to the next better project 😉


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