delicious caps


I am currently not working and yet I have so much work and so many projects that 24 hours a day are not enough for me. Maybe if I would stop sleeping I would get everything done.. hm.. I should try that 😉 

There are so many things I like to do. Baking is only one of them and it usually takes a lot of time. Additionally I love to read, paint, sew, crochet, sports, travel….. you get the point. There are definitely too many interesting things in this world. The good thing about having that many hobbies is that one can always find a common topic with other people, no matter whether friends or not. One of my friend just started to crochet last year and she happened to celebrate her birthday recently. Of course one of my gifts had to be a cake.

I decided that the chocolate cake would be a good choice. I covered it with white fondant and started the decoration – two balls of wool, a crochet hook, and a crochet cap. The crochet hook is made of gum paste. For the balls of wool I used gummy strings. I wrapped them around marshmallows to get bigger balls of wool without using too many gummy strings. With edible glue I fixed the letters, also made with gummy strings, to the cake. It is a little tricky to form the letters, because they use to unwind and it’s hard to keep them in the requested shape. You might need to wait a while until the glue dries or break the strings just a little. For the cap I used the two colors of the strings to crochet a cap. The strings are too short, so I needed to knot a couple of them. Therefore the cap has many knots inside, but I think that doesn’t matter really. Btw. I used a crochet hook No.4 for this cap 😉

For the trimming I used thicker gummy strings. Three of them just covered the outline of the cake. I fixed them with edible glue and made two flowers out of gum paste to cover one of the seams.

I also wanted to buy a book with some new crochet ideas, but unfortunately I didn’t find one that would really be eye-catching, so I decided to get her a crochet magazine. I found one with really nice patterns and modern ideas. To stay within the theme I didn’t want to use wrapping paper. Therefore I decided to crochet a book case as my wrapping tool. Like I said, it’s good to have so many hobbies 😉


It’s getting colder outside, so the time is just right to start a few crochet projects. If you are bored of wool, use gummy strings.. delicious caps and scarfs.. who would resist? 😉