A castle for our little princess

Lisa's Torte1

This weekend we celebrated my niece’s fourth birthday. She is a huge fan of Hello Kitty and gets those shiny eyes just by hearing the name.
Since I am a fan of challenges, I decided to make a cake for a princess (she really is the cutest and nicest princess on earth btw).
A few months back I passed a bakery, which had a castle cake on display. It had two tiers, seven or eight towers, a couple flowers and some butterflies. All in all, very nice, but not enough for me. “Ok” I thought “This might be tricky, but let’s see how it works out”. I was really looking forward to this one. And this weekend.. the challenge began.. and ended two and a half days later πŸ™‚

Challenge No.1:
I knew that most of the towers I found on the internet were made with the cardboard inside paper towels. The thing about my cakes is that I like to have as many parts edible as possible. So, I looked for another solution. Now, the good thing about my family is that we are a little international and so I happened to visit a polish store a couple of weeks ago, where I found long sticks made out of corn. Polish people will know what “chrupkis” are and these are the long version of “chrupkis” πŸ™‚ Sorry for all those, who are not able to go to a polish store. I am sure that you will find another solution. If not, you still can use the paper towel towers πŸ™‚ In any case, they should be wrapped with fondant.

Challenge No.2: How do I actually avoid that the upper cakes smash the lower ones?
Time to say Thank You to all those people who are posting their expertise or making videos on You Tube. If you have a problem.. google it! Somebody sure knows what to do. The rest is up to you. Ok, so I learned that you need to stabilize the cakes (of course) with a special board under each layer and sticks in each tier. Both you can get in a hardware store or in art stores. You put each cake on a board. Then you put round wooden sticks into the cake. The stick’s height should be the same as the cake’s. It is not to connect the two cakes, as one might think, but just to hold the weight of the upper cake(s). And with that we come to..

Challenge No.3:
I am in a small town, where there is no art shop and the hardware store doesn’t provide these special boards. What am I going to do 😦 ??
Good, I was online shopping πŸ™‚ I took a box I got with my clothes and cut out the three different sizes of circles, that had a slightly smaller circumference than my cakes and wrapped them in aluminium foil (next time I want to use the right board, simply because it is easier and looks nicer than alumnium foil, but as an emergency solution, it worked). The base was done πŸ™‚
For the sticks I found slightly thicker barbecue sticks, which are squared and not round and are more stable than the round ones. I cut the ends, so I would have a smooth end and cut them into the right length. Yey, all I need for not smashing the cake is done πŸ™‚
Btw. if you need to get the cake somewhere else, it would be good to use a bigger stick, which goes through all the layers. With that you have no problem with transportation πŸ™‚

Ok, so the baking can start.
I decided for a strawberry, a vanilla, and a chocolate cake (FΓΌrst-PΓΌckler πŸ˜‰ )
I used ganache underneath the fondant and made white and pink fondant.
One day before the party I made the flowers and the butterflies. I used small pearls for the center of the flowers and the wings of the butterflies and some glitter to make it more girly. To get a 3D effect for the butterflies I put them inside a cooling rack.
The towers got wrapped and the tower roofs were covered with sugar icing and pink sprinkles.

The next day the final stage of the castle began and with that..
Challenge No.4:
Usually you just wrap the cake in fondant, but how can you make the “spikes” around the castle?
My solution: I covered the top of the cake seperately from the sides. I used the bottom of the pan to cut a layer of fondant for the top. Afterwards I measured the circumference of the cake and the height. I made a stripe that was 1cm higher than the cake and made 1cm high spikes. Pretty easy πŸ™‚ I wrapped the stripe around the cake and smoothed the seam. Done πŸ™‚
For the windows and the door I used cocoa powder to dye the fondant.
I used the prepared sticks and put one cake on the other. Almost done πŸ™‚

Challenge No.5:
How do I stabilize the towers?
Barbecue sticks πŸ™‚ (I used the normal round ones)

And finally, I could decorate the cake with all the flowers and butterflies I prepared the previous night πŸ™‚

I have to say, I was pretty happy with the outcome. I liked that almost all the parts were edible and it survived the short transport from one house to the other. And I was happy that my plan to challenge the castle on the display worked out that well. I drew a sketch of the cake beforehand, with all the additional details, like the windows and the “spikes” and it all looks the way I wanted it to be.
Therefore, no matter how great the original is.. try it! You might create something that is at least as good! Just do it πŸ™‚


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