WELCOME to my little baking world.

Ok, so I am not a professional and I cannot make all these professional looking cakes that are posted on so many sites. All I can do is getting better and maybe a liiiiiiittle closer to those pics.
This blog is an experiment.. I want to share my experiences with you when it comes to baking with just what you have at home. I want to share my struggles with you, my ideas, my solutions for problems that occur just an hour before the cake actually should be finished.

And I would like to communicate with you.. I would like to hear your ideas, your struggles, your problems and your solutions.. or simply work on them with you 🙂 Like I said.. this here is an experiment and with that it doesn’t really have a master plan. Let’s just write 🙂

Let’s get started 🙂 Like many kids here in Germany are just entering the world of school.. my baby is entering the world of blogs! Exciting 😉 So, on the picture you see one of my cakes, which I made for a first grader this week. I hope she liked it 🙂

It is a chocolate cake and the fondant is home made (except for the yellow and the red one.. I know! What a shame!!!). The blackboard is Ritter Sport chocolate. And of course I also used Haribo letters and Smarties for decoration 🙂

I will upload the recipe for this cake soon.. It really is a Must for everybody who likes chocolate 🙂 YUMMY 🙂 But give me some time to get this thing running .. 😉



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